Welcome to the T-tekhydro family and thank you for purchasing T-tekhydro products, we are certain you will be more than satisfied for many years to come. T-tekhydro 400w, 600w, 1000w and double ended ballasts have been developed to use with 120v/240v. T-tekhydro ballasts designed specifically for plant cultivation with professional premium HPS or MH horticultural lamps.

Damage to the ballast and electronic circuitry are result from incorrect installation and usage. That could lead to revokes warranty of your product, so we recommend you read this carefully before installing your digital electronic ballast.

  • SAFETY FIRST! Please comply with local installation regulations
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Keep distance between your ballasts to insure a free air flow.
  • At least 5-10 cm distance between individual ballasts. Mount ballasts on a non-combustible material and MUST avoid location where it could come into contact with water or solution of nutrients.
  • Make sure to clean lamp before install and check if the lamp is damaged (cracks or loose internal connections).
  • Carefully check and install a compatible HPS or MH or Dual Spectrum conversion lamp into the reflector connection tightly.
  • When install lamp ensure you use clean paper towel or lamp cloth (highly recommended).
  • Make sure light bulb, reflector and ballast connection are connected properly.
  • UNPLUG and let the ballast rest for 15 mins before change into different or new lamp.
  • DO NOT make any contact with the interior of power cords, sockets or lamp when they are operate or power is on.
  • DO NOT open and make changes the interior of the ballast or lamp.
  • DISCONNECT and let the ballast rest 15 mins before use the dimmable option, and as same as turn it up for more watt usage.
  • DISCONNECT the power source first before plug or unplug the lamp cord or making any changes.
  • Using the flip or switch box system can significant decrease the lifespan of the digital and double ended ballasts and will void the warranty.
  • DO NOT attempt to rewire or modify interior or exterior of ballast, lamp sockets, power cord or lamp. This can cause hazards and cause serious bodily injury or death as result when come to contact with electrical devices.
  • T-tekhydro designed to use indoor only and do not use in atmospheric conditions exceeding:

Max Ambient Temperature: 65 degree C (149 Fahrenheit)

Min Ambient Temperature:  -10 degree C (14 Fahrenheit)

Max Humidity RO: 85%