Follow the troubleshooting tips below. If troubleshooting techniques fail, bring ballast back to your place of purchase with the original receipt from date of purchase to request warranty service. Any warranty is only valid from the original date of purchase, and does not reset if a replacement product is issued.


LAMP LOOSE IN SOCKETMake sure that the lamp is fully inserted into the socket and that is has been locked in properly.
INCORRECT VOLTAGE Examine wiring to ensure it agrees with wiring diagrams on ballast label. Check connections to see that they are secure. If wiring a 240V ballast, DO NOT use a neutral. The correct wiring is two hot wires and a ground.
DEFECTIVE OR IMPROPER WIRING Check wiring and lamp cont
POOR ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Verify that you are using a correct wattage Double Ended high frequency lamp.
INCORRECT LAMP Look for broken tubes or loose metal parts. Replace lamp.
LAMP DAMAGE Investigate possibility of outer lamp damage.

RETURNING UNITS: Please contact your retail store for returns.